Dec 2, 2009

holiday superhero jams at hue are you?

Get comfy for Christmas! You can find new holiday superhero jams under the tree at

Nov 28, 2009

hue are you? shop has moved to Brauni
Rah! "hue are you?" has moved to its new location in Brauni! I have been busy building my new space and filling it with colorful creations as I go. You can find artwork and holiday goodies there right now that are colorful and expressive. Please visit the shop and say hi to my koi!

Jan 25, 2009

Colorful Expansion

“hue are you?”, my little shop, expanded a bit to make room for more art and interaction. My friend Kittie Murno helped make the space more comfy with her couch that she let me put my hand dyed hand woven “synthesis series” fabric on the pillows. These colorful pillows are available in the shop as well. Kittie and fate visited to check out the larger space; it is wonderful to have such supportive friends about!

Jan 11, 2009

Superpowers Series

Action-Packed Superheroes recognize that utilizing their superpowers has a wonderful effect on the world around them. They always strive be on their best behavior and inspire the greatness of human potential. Some people try to block of use of your superpowers out of fear instead of utilizing these amazing abilities. Make it clear who you are and what you are capable of. Don’t let yourself or others hide your talents. Superheroes have to rely on first impressions. The most important part of your outfit is the color and what it represents. Color gives explicit messages. Your getup will easily announce from a great distance that you are on the way. This gives supervillains a clear signal to get the hell out of the way.
FInd your color and the superpower behind it. You'll find my Superpowers Series at "hue are you?"

Grand Opening of Treasured Isle Mall

We had the Grand Opening of the Treasured Isle Mall with live music and dj dancing produced by Merc and Jarhead! It was a happy affair with oldtime pals and new friends. My shop, "hue are you?" was blessed with visitors and sales. Thank you all for your support and kindness!
Afterwards, I rested in my new chair and chatted with my friends. So much more color to come!

Jan 8, 2009

Welcome to "hue are you?"

Thank you very much and welcome to "hue are you?"

expression through color
art - apparel - aspiration
gear and goods for the superhero in us all

What makes you one of a kind? How do you express your true nature through color? How do you share your superpowers? The fastest means to create an impression, with the emphasis on personal motivation, is with color.

Color and its meaning is my passion and lifelong study. I devised the "hue are you?" color style system to streamline expression and enhance your personal passion and ambitions. What do you want to convey? Each style set in the system uses the clear language of color. I created apparel, art, and do personal evaluations using my color style system.

I am an artist, instructor, and superhero as an arts advocate promoting the importance of creative education and community participation in the arts that are active and inclusive. I create real world one of a kind handcrafted art, apparel, textiles, computer assemblages, sculptures, videos, and publications that embrace the empowerment of brilliant hues, individualism, and acceptance. My artwork and apparel in Second Life samples from my own studio like handdyed handwoven textiles to digital prints on draped fabric.

Artist Statement -

"My passion is to interweave color theory, iconic content, and education with hopeful beliefs and storytelling to produce a multi-layered message about kind acceptance.

The intent of my artwork is to demonstrate the idea of humans' ability to oscillate between existing as one of a kind, as well as, one of a greater assemblage. The work is a narrative of my convictions, conduct, and courage for acceptance and inclusion. My belief is that we are all different in our own way, and that makes us equal. We have the ability to embrace the dual nature of light as a wave and a particle of matter. We also have the potential to be filled with awe, instead of fear, in the confidence that we are unique, as well as, united.

A great deal of my artwork is crafted from textile methods and playful interpretations of identity through colorful means. I have been working with computers as a fine art and interactive medium for over twenty-seven years. This technique lends itself to sculptural artwork and my assemblages contain elements of computer-enhanced images, transparencies, hand weaving, and textiles. "

- Zinnia Zauber